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Bespoke Collection

Yan Yee invites clients to join the creative process to create beautiful pieces which are exclusive, one-of-a-kind, and catered to your specific needs. Whether it is an important life milestone to celebrate, or a family piece whose time has come for reinvention, Yan Yee Bespoke journey begins with your emotions, your love, your dream of what is to be. All bespoke pieces are designed and made in Hong Kong by our highly-skilled jewellers under the attentive direction of our co-founder, Winnie Cheung.

Below are some of our unique bespoke items that we have made.  We loved them so much, we have made a few extra pieces.  Next to these items, you will see our suggested retail price listed.  If you are interested, please email us  at on your “offer” and maybe it will be a price that we are willing to sell it for!  

Pink Diamond Key

Heart Earrings with Pearl Diamond Studs Tennis Bracelet
Thin Eternity Ring Eternity Ring with Micropave setting with Milgrain Eternity Ring with diamonds on all three sides Eternity Ring with 15 diamonds
Green Jade Necklace Ice Jade Necklace