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We are Yan and Yee - Sisters from Hong kong.  We sell quality 18K solid gold jewellery all stamped with 750 under Hong Kong Regulations.  We use 18K gold because of its hardness and durability, which also makes it perfect for setting diamonds.  Each of our pieces are engraved with strong, meaningful Chinese Characters.  We wish to spread this positive energy to others through our jewellery. 

YAN – The Older Sister - is a mother of 3 and is always on the lookout for good deals. Yan Yee was created when she was looking for a gift for a friend and her daughter. She wanted something of good quality and meaningful - and of course something without the hefty price tag.

YEEThe younger sister, graduated from Boston University, Winnie has obtained her GIA certificate in New York city, where she gets all the inspirations from fine jewellery, to one-of-a-kind diamonds in this multi-cultural city. Ever since she has relocated back to Hong Kong, her hometown, she is the diamond expert and in charge of hunting the best diamond rings for her clients.  She has worked as a diamond grader at a lab and at a high-end bespoke diamond jewellery company in Hong Kong. With her experience, she was able to meet and work with many different people in the industry. Winnie was able to find a very reputable workshop to work with. The workshop has helped Yan Yee with the development of their first collection.


One Day...
Yan: Hey, I want to get my friend and her daughter a nice gift. What’s a good gift nowadays? Something that's personal and long lasting.
Yee: A piece of nice, quality jewelry – with Diamond of course. Get their names engraved on it!
Yan: Don't really have the budget for that blue box and white ribbon tho.
Yee: Hum…
That’s how it all begun.
Come spread the love and sparkle with us.