Don't Be Scammed!

Winnie Cheung


I've encountered this...


Buying from trusted dealers or jewelers are not enough.  I've learned that you shouldn't trust anyone 100% in this industry.


I've been offered a stone which matches the certificate:

  1. The carat weight matches
  2. The measurement matches
  3. Color matches
  4. Clarity matches and the inclusions inside matches with the map
  5. GIA certificate number matches with the inscription on the stone


That was not enough, you have to be more thorough:

  1. This diamond has an old GIA certificate, should request the dealer to bring it back to GIA to regrade for a new GIA certificate (the old certificate below is the actual scammed stone, and the new certificate is an example)
  2. The certificate under "comments" doesn't say the stone is inscribed with a certificate number, which means GIA did not inscribe this stone.  The inscription on this diamond was inscribed elsewhere (See red circle below)
  3. The most important part is check for FLUORESCENCE, couldn't emphasize this enough.  Switch off the lights and use a UV light to look at your diamond to see if it glows a color (usually in blue).  The stone I have encountered has a medium to strong fluorescence blue color, but the certificate is graded as NONE.
  4. When you look at a diamond, request to see every detail listed on the certificate of the diamond.



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